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rrojha@ndb Click to EMail rrojha@ndbClick to check IP address of the poster 24-Jun-00, 07:46 PM (GMT)
I have certain queries with regard to succession in respect of property of Indian Who was a German Citizen at the time of his death and died intestate in Germany and leaving behind his relatives in India. He was successed by his two real (full blood) brothers as well as children from the second marriage of the decased father (i.e. four half blood brothers and one half blood sister).

please advice Whether the present case of Inheritance/succession is governed by German Laws?
Please advise on the position of half blood relatives under the Law of succession prevaling in Germany.
Are the half blood relatives entitle for share under the German Inheritance Law?

If the half blood relatives are entitled for share under the German law of Inheritance, what will be the share ( percentage) of each legal heir in the present case(i.e. two real brother and four half blood brother and one half blood sister)

What is the approximate time taken by courts in Germany in issuing the Certificate of Inheritance.

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