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"Absolutely with you"

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"Absolutely with you"

did happen to them, their financial goals would bereached by their families automatically.

Since this book is designed to help you reach asubstantial, financial goal, I felt duty-bound to includethe information on life insurance. The book could not becomplete without it.

(Keep in mind there are only two ways to earnmoney: people at work, or money at work.)

You will be happy to know the remainder of thisbook is designed for the person who is going to LIVE.

Bloom Where You Are Planted-Start Now!

When do you start to live this good life? Is that thequestion you are beginning to ask yourself? You startnow.

Start by answering the following questions:

How often do you pay your phone bill?
How often do you pay your rent or mortgage?
How often do you pay your grocery store?
How often do you pay for gas for your car?
How often do you pay your doctor?
How often do you pay yourself?

That last question seems like a strange one, doesn'tit? But do you realize that less than 5 people in every100 ever pay themselves. And, if you were to ask theother 95 why they don't, they would probably tell youthat by the time they pay everyone else, there is nothingleft for themselves!

Clearly, those 4 or 5 people in every 100 who do"pay themselves," have found a way around this problem.
Although the idea which they are employing has beenaround for centuries, hardly anyone today is aware of it.

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