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"breast augmentation"

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"breast augmentation"
before and after breast enhancement photo
http://www.breast-growth-herbs.co.cc/index706.html>what causes breast cancer
They may have found their answer in Pueraria mirifica.Scientists believe that PM ' s active compound miroestrol acts similarly to the breast cancer drug tamoxifin, insofar as it occupies estrogen receptors without triggering the chemical cascade that leads to pre - cancerous cell division.And this hypothesis is supported by a growing body of studies, which reveal that PM can inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells in particular.Benefits that reach far beyond menopauseIn total, the studies around PM have been mixed, with some demonstrating the herb ' s great potential, and others suggesting it may come at a price.Dr. Sandy is quick to say that the latter research simply needs to be more thorough.What could look like a trigger for potentially dangerous cell division on the surface would reveal itself to be increasing cancer - fighting cells upon closer inspection, he argues.The Thai Ministry of Health enthusiastically supported this same conclusion in a 2001 public declaration, citing clinical research that proves PM ' s safety - - and its promise in the search for new cancer treatments.But for now, the jury - on paper, at least - still appears to be out.


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