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"Stop smoking with o"

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Teegaine Click to EMail TeegaineClick to check IP address of the poster 17-Jan-11, 06:05 PM (GMT)
"Stop smoking with o"
Having seen an close buddie going trough a tough time due to a illness caused from using cigarettes I made it my own quest to rescue as many other individuals as is possible from the very same destiny, but soon I realized that it doesn't matter how great your arguments are it is actually very difficult to have a smoker give up smoking cigarettes, not because the actual arguments aren't good enough and not necessarily because the smoker is not willing to stop but simply due to the fact nicotine is really a more addictive drug than heroin and cocaine (scientifically confirmed).

Then I learned there is in reality a method to stop smoking with out giving up smoking, so leave the smoker his pleasure as well as habit yet preserve him or her from the damaging effects of smoking.

The Things I am talking about are e-cigarettes. You can read regarding all the negative effects associated with cigarettes and the way a http://electroniccigarette0.com/>electronic cigarette could help you quite smoking or simply permit you to follow your habit and acquire the kick without the damaging negative effects of smoking cigarettes on my webpage http://electroniccigarette0.com

P.S. Hopefully this will not be erased because of having a hyperlink to my webpage as I only try to inform and help.

May God bless each and every body

Chrissy M.


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