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"Re-introducing myse"

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Fritzenbergerfx Click to EMail FritzenbergerfxClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Jan-11, 11:07 AM (GMT)
"Re-introducing myse"

I'm new here with this discussion board I have been a very long time lurker and today have a very relevant issue that i expect a few of you gentlemen can help with.

I became on the look to find some reliable and reliable offshore company incorporation agent, since I reside in Southern spain and don't wish to pay the excessive tax here than I decided to go using Costa Rica Corporation, will likely not post a link avoiding to become considered spammy, now they explained that for my requests I can't use them but instead may need to look at some incorporation in another offshore jurisdiction for example Cyprus, currently I ran across the website http://www.web-chamber.com which is a fascinating blog which has loads of details about this issue, what interest me is, if a few of you could tell me how I can reduce my tax not having going the offshore method or if Malta actually is among the place I should look for ?

My needs tend to be to pay the minimum tax possible, will need bank account along with internet banking and a credit card merchant account to take credit card payments for my Running shoes shop.

Thanks beforehand.


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