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"The Things To Do In"

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ChevyChaseMom Click to EMail ChevyChaseMomClick to check IP address of the poster 23-Dec-10, 01:44 AM (GMT)
"The Things To Do In"
We blindly uncovered our 11 and 14 year old daughters to a sexual aberrant by “our attendance” at http://www.comusinn.co.cc/ - The Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain. A pedophile with a pre-existent deplorable criminal record ogled our children for hours without our knowing his social smile was genuinely a pedo-smile. Please read the following ACTUAL NEWS STORY ONLINE:

Florida Sex Sting Snags http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sections/archives/display_detail.htm?StoryID=59609 - Comus Inn Pervert

I get headaches guessing what these Comus Inn perverts was fantasizing about. I have to make a deliberate effort not to go there but because sociopaths are sanitizing web sites, I am fighting back and I am not exclusive. Search Comus Inn Perverts or click on the hyperlink above.

On the night we arrived at The Comus Inn, there were of course tables to wait on, and yet we were the center of attention because we were with our young daughters. While others anticipated for service, Comus Inn sexual deviant, manager and “partner,” David Myer Dantzic II, wouldn’t leave us alone. He incessantly checked our table, then even sat with us. He then brought the very engaging Chef Patrick to meet us, who made it known he was also a “partner.” Dantzic desired to take a photo of our entire family with Chef Patrick for use in “advertising,” which we immediately refused, and which caused concern that others at The Comus Inn did not share. Since Dantzic was convicted for Child Pornography and is now in prison, I can only imagine what would have gone on with that picture, but where is the much touted and celebrated Chef Patrick who The Comus Inn had advertised ad nauseam?

Since the procedure of DUE DILIGENCE is common and acknowledged even to high school sophomores, how is it even contingent that The http://www.comusinn.co.cc/comus-inn-information/my-comus-inn-review - Comus Inn at Sugarloaf Mountain neglected to execute background checks on their PARTNERS? Such checks are routine for organizations that do not contend with the public, let alone a public restaurant. This process is so easy that it is well-defined as the “care any REASONABLE person” would subscribe to to stave off mistakes or harm to others. When we explained our experiences to Special Agent and State’s Attorney, Anthony M. Cecala, he noted convictions for Dantzic as far back as 1994. In the words of Deputy State’s Attorney Charles Smith, this is “indicative of just what today’s parents are up against in trying to keep their children safe.”

Can we determine that those engaged with The Comus Inn never attended school, or should we conclude that they were amply aware they had entered into business with a PARTNER with pre-existent convictions that a States Attorney calls “disturbing,” and kept this deviant from being liberated on bail. What is his relationship with his extraordinary Comus Inn acquaintances? Why was this freak settled into a role permitting him to eyeball our teenage daughters and befriend our family?

Is Chef Patrick in charge of Due Diligence for The Comus Inn? If not, who is?

I still feel fearful and there is no excuse. Don’t be subjected to some sociopath’s deviant games. If it hadn’t been for the above mentioned law enforcement officers, I am certain Dantzic would still be at The Comus Inn because The Comus Inn either doesn’t care, or is operated by those who lack minimum instruction, or those who have other motives of an undiscovered nature, which they should share with the public.

The Comus Inn of http://www.comusinn.co.cc/ - Sugarloaf Mountain, is atrocious, and without shame. Think twice before having your http://www.comusinn.co.cc/ - wedding locations in Maryland there!



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