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"Pregnancy, Menstrua"

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"Pregnancy, Menstrua"
http://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/>Pregnancy, Menstruation And Hcg Drops

The hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin orhttp://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/> HCG is usually produced during http://i-am-pregnant.us>pregnancy, but it can also be used to promote weight loss while dieting. HCG drops can suppress appetite and help to speed up weight loss. During the HCG diet, drops are usually taken on a daily basis at the same time as a restricted calorie diet is being eaten. When the diet was originally invented, HCG was administered by injection, but it is now possible to take HCG in the form of homeopathic drops.

Both pregnancy and menstruation can affect the use of HCG drops. It is usually advisable to begin the HCG drops after the end of your menstrual period, although it is possible to continue with the HCG drops should menstruation occur halfway through the diet protocol. HCG drops can be taken while menstruating, although they may cause the period to become heavier than usual. The drops should not be taken any more if they cause discomfort during menstruation, until the period has ended.

Some women may need to stop taking http://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/>HCG drops during their menstrual period. Women who experience heavy menstruation should http://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/>stop taking HCG during their period. It is then possible to continue with the HCG drops as if there had been no break.

Home pregnancy test kits often measure the levels of HCG in order to determine whether or not a woman is pregnant. If you are taking http://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/>HCG drops then it can cause a pregnancy test to falsely show a positive result. In order to confirm whether you really are pregnant it will be necessary to visit your doctor and take a blood test. If this blood test confirms that you are pregnant, then you will need to stop taking HCG drops.

http://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/>HCG may be taken during http://i-am-pregnant.us>pregnancy. However, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor before taking this supplement while pregnant. http://i-am-pregnant.us/pregnancy-menstruation-and-hcg-drops/>HCG drops are not taken during pregnancy to promote weight loss, but in order to raise the levels of HCG hormone in the body, if they are too low.


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