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"In my opinion you a"

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Vardaffoxia Click to EMail VardaffoxiaClick to check IP address of the poster 03-Sep-10, 03:19 AM (GMT)
"In my opinion you a"
If the burner burn.....then is not a Firmware problem.

If your Backup DVD Playback stops in the middle of the movie, It sounds like you are not Compressing the Movie correctly or you try to backup all the info from the Original disc.(Previews, Movie and extras)

You need to understand that most of the original DVD Movies of today are made on Doubble layers DVD's (8.5GB) and you try to transfer all that info into a Single Layer DVD (4.7GB.

So to be able to have a great back up.....just choose theMovie Only (On DVDFab, Any DVD or at DVD Shink): the rest is just garbage anyway......now your compression settings will aloud you to have a better results since Movie Only is less info on GB's and more easy to fit on a single Layer DVD.

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