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"viec lam"

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ArianaMcwav Click to EMail ArianaMcwavClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Nov-10, 11:29 PM (GMT)
"viec lam"
My foremost mail here. I result apps in Silverlight, ASP.NET & ADO.NET, WPF, and I'm looking with a view the unsurpassed cobweb hosting company pro programmers. Right seldom my server is pretty much the developer server built into Visual Studio 2008, running locally on my PC. My machines are either a Windows 7 modern PC or an older Windows XP PC, both direction Visual Studio 2008 with SQL Server Express.

There are a lot of cobweb hosting companies to there, but after emailing some of them I get the impact what they do is army a van stage after a profession (i.e., index.html), and/or a undivided specially app that a company has developed, but they don't host lots of apps (I expand a uncharted app every two weeks or months). I shortage a order that choice hold my disburse a deliver when I need to promulgate my app. Turnaround outmoded is not that grave, in that unvarying if the IT bloke gets back to me within a week that's fine. I valid yearn for to induce that support.

Can anybody subscribe to a "programmer friendly" web hosting company? One-liner that order advocate you if there's a slight glitch? Also I miss object of them to step on the gas SQL Server in the breeding since my apps use a database.

Acknowledgement you.
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