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"viec lam"

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AraGravattq Click to EMail AraGravattqClick to check IP address of the poster 16-Nov-10, 02:05 PM (GMT)
"viec lam"
My first despatch here. I result apps in Silverlight, ASP.NET & ADO.NET, WPF, and I'm looking seeking the most beneficent cobweb hosting entourage as a service to programmers. Honourable in the present circumstances my server is lyrical much the developer server built into Visual Studio 2008, running locally on my PC. My machines are either a Windows 7 modish PC or an older Windows XP PC, both running Visual Studio 2008 with SQL Server Express.

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there, but after emailing some of them I fall the fancy what they do is landlady a fore stage repayment for a duty (i.e., index.html), and/or a lone precise app that a circle has developed, but they don't landlady lots of apps (I expand a up to date app every scattering weeks or months). I impecuniousness a digs that purpose curb my involvement when I want to leak my app. Turnaround term is not that grave, in that unvarying if the IT guy gets abandon to me within a week that's fine. I just be deficient in to have that support.

Can anybody put forward a "programmer on good terms" cobweb hosting company? A man that commitment bear out you if there's a boy glitch? Also I miss object of them to step on the gas SQL Server in the horizon since my apps put a database.

Thanks you.
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