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"Soo I'm going to bu"

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KennyKan Click to EMail KennyKanClick to check IP address of the poster 24-Sep-10, 10:33 AM (GMT)
"Soo I'm going to bu"
Any suggestions on getting a good deal? I've tried the local car dealers but walking in just seems to waste my time... they give me the run around and try to sell me anything on the lot.

Pretty frustrating to be honest, I filled out a contact form at http://referer.us/9/newcar - www.autos.com and had 3 good calls. One guy had a Red Corolla for $11,299 but it was sold by the time I got off work. Soo instead of waiting I thought I'd ask for some advice.

Should I just keep calling until someone has the one I want in... or should I order it custom... but if I order it custom what about negotiating the price???




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