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"I consider, that yo"

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"I consider, that yo"
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<title>Analysts cut price target on Palm stock to $0</title>

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WOW this is really bad. RIM should buy them out ^_^ imagine blackberries with an awesome OS >- here's to hoping<br />
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<br />what a shame. I like the palm pre plus<br />
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<br />If blackberry wanted an awesome OS, they would use Android...or maybe the new Windows Mobile that works with netflix.Can't say I'll miss palm...all of their products up to a few months ago always seemed incomplete...not that the Pri Plus is a great device...but at least it does not feel as cheap as the other 500 models Palm has made of the years. There was a time when they served to lower prices on better phones...but they can't even give these things away...so they don't even serve that goal anymore.<br />
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<br />i hope they dont go out of the business. love webos, and i think its the best smartphon OS out right now bar none. if only they had the harware to match. this is why i think a HTC palm combo would be insane. imagine a Nexus 1 or HTC HD2 with webos. utter jizz worthy

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