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"A question on a federal law term"

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roma Click to EMail romaClick to check IP address of the poster 04-Oct-06, 09:44 AM (GMT)
"A question on a federal law term"
Being an interpreter my question is: What would be the right term when we speak of the constituent units of a federation(federative state) : body, entity, subject7 or what...Example as when you refer to one of the constituent republics/regions of Russian Federation ( in the constitution) ( appreciated in advance.)

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HELP - is there anybody there , ken678, 14-Mar-07, (1)
Awareness and legal culture, mosawi, 02-May-07, (2)

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ken678 Click to EMail ken678Click to check IP address of the poster 14-Mar-07, 10:49 AM (GMT)
1. "HELP - is there anybody there "

Some time ago I sold my house to a young couple - at the "death" they couldn't raise all the money so I said that they could pay £5,000 "on the drip" afterwards. (Yes that really is true - what a pr*t!!)

They signed a basic single sheet of paper confirming the arrangement and agreed to make monthly payments. Why are you not surprised when I say I have received precisely £0 since!

I have taken action and their defence is that the document was defective (not stamped and we each had a copy signed by the other but there was not one signed by both). They do not dispute that they signed the agreement (though they say I tried to gazump them which is untrue and makes my blood boil but I know that that has no legal bearing!) nor that, in fact, they made the agreement. Can anyone out there help - I (still naive you see!!) believe that there MUST be some sort of precedent which allows for a "deal" to stand when it is obvious what was intended even though the paperwork might be deficient. Any help gratefully received since my circumstances do not allow me to seek "paid" assistance. Thanks


mosawi Click to EMail mosawiClick to check IP address of the poster 02-May-07, 10:06 AM (GMT)
2. "Awareness and legal culture"
Seeking civilized societies to create public awareness among its members through the publication of cultures on the health and environmental aspects, legal and security etc. relevant United society and the state.
Community conscious capable of facing attacks that want to destroy it , The legal awareness of the components of public awareness, which shields members of the community towards violations of the laws and customs arising from the experiences it, From this we see that the legal awareness if it is to be achieved and spreads it is incumbent on members of the community themselves to achieve this, However, because institutions have gone as far as ownership of the means can not achieve the goal unless the individual seeking to attach to this particular matter humanity and intellect carried by the individual
And the ways that can protect our society from crime as following :
1. Expansion in a legal culture through media audio-visual, We have noted the impact of the legal pages in raising the level of legal awareness among citizens, Where has our newspapers daily to allocate pages and angles legal This has contributed to growing public demand to read the topics and then return to narratives or legal professionals in the legal side to know the legal status, Because of this popular newspapers, offering style in the presentation of legal topics , Who retired from the complexity of offering specialized academic and approaching the general problem and attach the daily life of the citizen , this success in the field of journalism, we appeal to the relevant departments to upgrade education and legal guidance in the field of audio-visual media.
2. Creating educational curricula at some stages seminars on legal knowledge in a simplified so that the student is ready to accept the obligations established by law, and then performed correctly and in line with the legal legitimacy ,also will exercise their rights guaranteed by the law as it does not intersect with the rights of others .
3. activating literacy programs in the community that will be good means of access to cultural development and create legal awareness among all members of society ,because the individual who can not read or write could not understand his rights and obligations written in the laws, decisions and regulations. As the momentum of work in everyday life is not able to listen to others under scruples listen and listen to learn, therefore, everyone should be trying hard to educate itself, and then move on the community, then the most convenient ways to reach our goal to broadcast legal awareness among the general public, Because the legal awareness is closely tied to the social body, if an individual breaches of the law, the work that accompanied the attack on the rights of others, It therefore appears to us that education and literacy is the way most likely in an effort seeking to spread legal awareness the learning and teaching duties imposed by the Islamic Sharia, narrows Islam, which make education obligatory on every Muslim .
And from everything stated in the above hope that the concerted efforts of the institutions and departments to make education the slogan of every individual and family As well as striving to attract students who have left school and the motivation to return to their classrooms And then will be able to achieve our goal of legal awareness among all individuals, It also will ensure the presence of the community educated and aware of his rights and obligations, Then we will be able to hear the echo of the writings of specialists in all areas of the general public, This did not stop at a legal awareness, but also to all other spheres of life
Salim Rodhan AL- mosawi



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