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"Child pornography regulation..."

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Emily Click to EMail EmilyClick to check IP address of the poster 17-Jul-00, 03:53 PM (GMT)
"Child pornography regulation..."
I am a law student working on a summer project. Currently, Im doing a comparative study on how various countries regulate child pornography. More specifically, what mechanisms do they use to 1) protect freedom of art/expression and 2) protect the youth. A significant portion of my project will be based on German law. Could someone give me some insight? What statute should I consider, and what enforcement mechanisms are most commonly used? Thank you for your help! Ill be working on the project until the end of July...I can be reached at marlowemily@hotmail.com
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gd Click to EMail gdClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 17-Jul-00, 09:51 PM (GMT)
1. "Child pornography, freedom of expression, protection of youth"
We have published a number of relevant statutes together with an introduction in the German Law Archive at:
<http://iuscomp.org/gla/statutes/statutes.htm> and

I suggest you also consult our bibliographies and follow the link to the Max Planck Institute's bibliography from our links page.

Gerhard Dannemann

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