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"Franco-German Accord, July 15, 1960"

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northcomet Click to EMail northcometClick to check IP address of the poster 15-Jun-00, 06:53 PM (GMT)
"Franco-German Accord, July 15, 1960"
Hello. I am looking for the text of the above agreement. It was part of a series of agreements made between Germany and 11 European countries to satisfy Holocaust restitution monies for citizens of these countries that did not qualify for the Bundesentschaedigungsgesetz. If anyone knows how I could obtain a copy of this agreement, I would very grateful. Vielen Dank.
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Where to find German international ..., gd, 17-Jun-00, (1)

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gd Click to EMail gdClick to view user profileClick to check IP address of the poster 17-Jun-00, 08:56 AM (GMT)
1. "Where to find German international treaties"
The most obvious place to look for this treaty is the Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette). Part II contains Germany's international treaties. They are sorted by date, so you would have to obtain Vol. II for the year 1960 and look somewhere in the middle of that volume.

There is also a very useful index of all international treaties to which Germany is a party which is published as part of the Bundesgesetzblatt Vol. II every year - the so-called "Fundestellenverzeichnis". It lists all treaties in chronological order, indicates where they are published, when they were ratified by which party, if and when they were amended etc.

All this is in German language.

Gerhard Dannemann

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